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City Goals

Local Administration presents its goals in Greencities 2019.

Puerto Santa María

El Puerto de Santa María - "El Puerto Smart"

El Puerto de Santa María, within “El Puerto Smart” presents territories and smart tourist destinations initiatives and projects based on energy efficiency, emission reduction, mobility, environment, digital transformation, security, citizen participation, and participatory democracy.

Ayuntamiento Puerto Real

Puerto Real - "Lars Project"

“Lars project” propose a community development of the Cadiz Bay to become a development engine promoting a systemic change in the Bay from a global treatment, implying financing, entrepreneurism, energy, government, citizen participation, environment and sustainability

Sant Cugat

Sant Cugat del Vallés - "Building energetic rehabilitation local plan"

The objective within the building energetic rehabilitation local plan is to obtain automatically and periodically all data regarding energetic consumption of every building and consumption habits, which is necessary to make any rehabilitation proposal, implies building, energy, environment, technological solutions and digital transformation and sustainability.


Tarragona - "Free public transportation"

Tarragona proposes a more sustainable and less contaminant city through a social and urban transformation implementing a free public transport, as well as the development of public service access TT card through the Tarragona Smart Mediterranean Region Foundation directed to energy, government, citizen participation, environment, mobility, technological solutions and digital transformation and sustainability.


Valladolid - "Solutions to share logistic operations"

Looking for new logistic solutions that will solve shared, connected and low emissions logistic operations optimizing the “last mile performance”, implying the client, the logistic operators and public authorities through an efficient use of urban areas and available resources, increasing cooperation and the information exchange with open data, blockchain and IoT, relating energy, environment, mobility, technological solutions and digital transformation and sustainability