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is the meeting point of all the agents involved in Smart Cities construction. It is the forum to talk about future cities, and it is an initiative shared among institutions, municipalities, businesses and professionals focused on the projection of sustainable and smart cities.

It is possible to create projects, establish contacts, offer services, share experiences and obtain inspirations is possible on Smart Cities development. Any possibility of building a future becomes real in Greencities due to an unique opportunity of networking with all the agents implied, in an environment that helps to inspire and develop the cities of the future.

  DATE: 25th and 26th April 2018

  EDITION: Ninth

  TIMETABLE: From 9.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.

  CHARACTER: Professional

Icts and Sostainability Forum

It is the forum where leading experts, institutional personalities, and Smart Cities sector leaders discuss and share visions and ideas that will shape the future.

Green Lab

It is the place to show commercial and corporate products.  Companies and institutions define and specify products, services and projects to build Smart Cities.

National Forum of Rehabilitation, Efficiency and Sustainability

Organized jointly with the National Association of Rehabilitation and Reform Companies – ANERR, its objective is to dynamize the sector of building and professional rehabilitation at national level, being a meeting point between the administration and the sector.

Circular economy Forum

Circular Economy Forum is a space for debate in which to propose a change towards eco-design, an approach that promotes innovation and allows the development of new business models.

Elevator Pitch Forum

It is the place where companies and entrepreneurs share products, experiences and success stories.


This forum brings together all the scientific content of the show through the presentation and exhibition of communications. It aims to disseminate and generate knowledge while presenting the latest advances in the development of intelligent and sustainable cities.

Exhibition Area

It is the place where public and private institutional and companies show their products and services in commercial and institutions stands.


Networking participants have access to a on line tool to set meetings with city officials, professionals and exhibitors to cooperate, make commercial deals and set joint projects.

Networking Lunch

The place to do networking in a friendly way, the opportunity to establish interesting contacts among all the participants:businesses, companies, professionals and municipal officers.

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· E-Administration
· Smart Tourism
· Accesibility

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· Renewable energy
· Energy efficiency

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· Financing
· Internacionalization
· Entrepreneurship

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· Electric mobility
· Smart transport

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· Water
· Waste management
· Pollution

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· Urbanism
· Sustainable rehabilitation

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· ICTs, IoT, big data
· Digital transformation
· Cibersecurity
· 4.0 Ecosystems